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Lucky Romance (2016)

( K-Drama )

FILM DETAILS 2 years önce ago
Lucky Romance (2016)

Genre: Drama, K-Drama, Korea, Romance

Link: https://www.themoviedb.org/tv/66271?language=en-US

IMDB Rating: 6.0

Cast: Hwang Jung-eum, Ryu Jun-yeol, Lee Soo-Hyuk, Lee Chung-Ah, Kim Sang-ho,

Synopsis: A romantic comedy about superstitious woman who tries to change her foretold fate by seducing a virgin and nerd guy. Bo Nui is a superstitious woman who relies too much in fortune-telling. One day she gets to know that if she doesn't sleep with a virgin man born in 1986 (year of tiger), she will die soon. She then meets an incredibly stingy guy Soo Ho. Bo Nui learns that he matches the conditions set forth by the fortune teller and sets out to seduce him. Unfortunately for her, Soo Ho is a nerd CEO of a game company who trusts only in logical and scientific things.

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